When investing, never forget your targets.

What we do.

The portfolios of Kontora’s clients mainly include productive asset classes. In particular, the focus is on real estate project developments, private equity and alternative investments. For investments in the most attractive real estate project developments, investors typically face challenges in terms of ticket size, collateral position and influence. Unfavorable trends from an investor perspective have also developed in the area of international private equity and alternative investments in recent years. The minimum subscription amount, the classification as a professional investor often required for access, or even the negotiating position are just some of these challenges.
In order to make any investment as convenient as possible for Kontora clients internationally, Kontora-KVG manages unique investment platforms in the form of closed-end special AIFs. Thus, all challenges can be solved and selected investments in the desired amount of the clients can find their way into the individual portfolio.

Individual asset management, investment consulting and financial portfolio management
Clients who wish to withdraw from the day-to-day business of managing their assets can make use of Kontora-KVG’s asset management services. Taking into account previously individually agreed wishes, responsibilities and investment guidelines of Kontora clients, Kontora-KVG is happy to take the helm within the framework of financial portfolio management.

Closed-end funds
Since August 2021, closed-end special assets can be launched as special AIFs for the first time. These can be structured as individual single-investor vehicles and offer advantages in particular for tax-privileged investors with regard to access and management of commercial investments. As a pioneer in Germany in this field, Kontora-KVG takes over the structuring according to individual wishes and the ongoing management of these vehicles for Kontora clients.

“Fund vehicles with high sales costs annoy me. Why should an investor pay for the investor search? That’s why the process of establishing a fund is different here: first, investors join forces, and then a fund is established. The profit is in the purchase.”

Stephan Buchwald
Executive Management, Risk Management

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Tangible assets

Often neglected, sometimes decisive for success: the optimal number of tangible assets in your portfolio.

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The legal requirements and our approach to conflicts are congruent: solve them, or better still, prevent them.