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Kontora clients’ portfolios primarily have productive asset classes. In particular, the focus is on real estate project developments, private equity, and alternative investments. In the case of investments in the most attractive real estate project developments, investors typically face challenges regarding ticket size, providing collateral and exerting influence. Over the past few years, in terms of international private equity and alternative investments, adverse trends have emerged from an investor’s perspective. The minimum subscription, which is often required for a professional investor to gain access to an investment, or even the negotiating position, are just some of these challenges. To make investments as convenient as possible for Kontora clients internationally, Kontora-KVG manages unique investment platforms in the form of special, closed-end AIFs. As a result, all problems can be solved and selected investments at the value specified by the client added to the tailored portfolio.

Customised asset management, investment advice and financial portfolio management

Clients wishing to relinquish day-to-day management of their assets, can commission Kontora’s capital management company to do so on their behalf. Kontora’s capital management company provides financial portfolio management services in line with the requirements, responsibilities and investment guidelines previously agreed with its clients.

Closed-end special asset funds

Since August 2021, it’s been possible to launch closed-end special asset funds as special AIFs for the first time. These can be structured as single-investor vehicles and are particularly beneficial to investors with tax concessions regarding access to and management of commercial investments. As a pioneer in Germany in this area, Kontora’s capital management company can customise the structure and manage these vehicles for Kontora clients.


“We often identify highly attractive investments, but they require too much equity, even when clients are very wealthy, or are reserved for institutional investors only. In these cases, we can create access to the investment through an investment platform.”

Florian Hoffmann
Director of risk management

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