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Complaint management and conflicts of interest

Problem solving is good; prevention is better. According to this motto – and within the framework of the law – we ensure that we prevent conflicts of interest that could arise for a capital management company with different investors. Unavoidable conflicts must be solved by the KVG with the interests of the special AIFs and their investors being safeguarded.


The basic principle that services and transactions for a special AIF must take place in its interest always applies. The interests of the fund and its investors always has priority over the interests of the capital management company. In turn, the interests of the company come before those of its staff.


Thus, our primary interest is your success and your satisfaction. We use criticism as a valuable opportunity to optimise our processes further. Moreover, we have set up a complaints office not only to adhere to statutory provisions, but also so that investors can exercise their rights without restriction: transparently, effectively and promptly.


This active form of complaint management is an important matter for us to increase investor satisfaction and continually improve our operational processes. Of course, this service is free for investors.


Our clients can also contact the executive management or the staff directly.



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Complaints and conflicts of interest

The legal requirements and our approach to conflicts are congruent: solve them, or better still, prevent them.