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What use are ten experts who all tick the same? Who have the same background, the same standpoint, the same experience and are the same age? 

Kontora has nurtured what we call “diversity of thought” over the years. It’s the diametrical opposite of conformity. We deliberately assemble teams who evaluate all ideas from a wide range of perspectives. We believe this concept’s one of our key success factors. 

People whose jobs are about values, appreciate the human touch all the more. Whether they’re working in teams, dealing with service providers, business partners or, of course, our clients. 

Our teams have both the right mix and chemistry. And the number of team members is flexible too. You benefit because you’re not helping to fund an unnecessarily large and unwieldy outfit. Everyone’s a winner.

Stephan Buchwald


Frank Rehder

Head of Alternative Investments

Berndt Otternberg

Senior Real Estate Manager

Tina Schäfer

Administrator Portfolio Management

Finn Boeger

Project Manager Finance, IT and Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Patrick Maurenbrecher

Authorised signatory

Henning Landsiedel

Executive Management, Portfolio Management

Kathrin Roth

Expert Onboarding

Amanda Allushani

Investment Manager

Florian Hoffmann

Risk Management, COO/CFO

Anna Mains

Senior Expert Onboarding

Mara Petrat

Staff Office

Hanna Lena Saß

Trainee Family Office

Jannes Wriedt


Johannes Kiefer

Risk Management

Carina Grabs

Senior Investment Manager

Anton Pöhling

Investment Manager

Finn Knafla


Jerome Roeschke

Team Leader Fund Management

Mattes Fechner

Working Student

Malte Schlizio

Senior Real Estate Manager

Ole Ölbüttel

Head of Real Estate & Direct Investments

Assal Pilz

Real Estate Management

Antonia Kühsel

Investment Analyst

Franziska Mohr


Sebastian Spier

Senior Investment Manager

Sönke Padeken

Senior Portfolio Manager

Stefan Groskreutz

Head of Listed Equity & Absolute Return

Felix Knaack

Working Student

Susanne Wullbieter

Administrator Fund Management

Leonardo Severino

Head of Private Equity & Venture Capital

Michael Hinze

Staff Office

Philipp Zabinski

Fund Manager

Fatma El-Jomaa

Expert Onboarding

Phil Petersen

Staff Office

Nico Hagener

Fund Manager

Lasse Steinhagen

Working Student

Joshua Bäumer

Working Student

Claudius Eichenberg


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