We create opportunities.

Kontora Kapitalverwaltungs GmbH.
From good stock.

Like mother, like daughter. As old-fashioned as this proverb sounds, it is still topical when founding a company: we are a 100% daughter company of Hamburg-based multifamily office Kontora. This means that we share our views and approach, but offer independent services.


As a centre of excellence for the selection, structuring and execution of alternative investments, we are valued by families, family offices and non-profit organisations all over the German-speaking world.


In turn, we value our clients and partners as entrepreneurial, responsible decision makers who work with us to recognise and seize opportunities, and create their own with us.


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“A key success factor for alternative investments is direct access to interesting projects and speed of action. We offer the necessary individual fund structures and processes – also for institutional investors.”

Henning Landsiedel
Executive Manager, Portfoliomanagement

Who we are

Our company, our approach, your contact partners: everything you can count on.

What we do

Opportunities don’t just create themselves – you have to make them. That is what we will do for you with our investment ideas.

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