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Tangible assets

Tangible assets often don’t depend on the performance of traditional asset classes ¬- so investing can effectively diversify your portfolio and improve the risk-return profile of your assets overall.

Real Estate:

Real estate investments are frequently exceptionally low-risk additions to clients’ assets overall. But they still present opportunities for attractive returns, for instance in the form of project developments.
Kontora gives you access to exclusive projects that are usually only open to a very small group of investors as part of club deals. Project development risks are decreased because eputable partners with excellent track records are selected.


  • We have more than 10 years’ experience and proven success in analysing, selecting, structuring, and monitoring existing properties.
  • We establish efficient and highly diversified portfolios for clients without taking a heuristic approach.
  • We have a very successful track record in real estate project development because we actively monitor how funds are used and select projects with an asymmetric risk-reward profile.

Private Equity: 

We give you exclusive access (normally only available to institutional investors) to the world’s best private equity companies. Private equity generally requires an investment horizon of at least ten years with capital tied up for five to seven years on average. The comparatively higher risk means opportunities to achieve a much higher return than in the traditional asset classes.


  • Stable portfolio development even during and after the global financial market crisis, primarily due to diversification across private equity companies, years in which funds were launched, strategies and regions.
  • With over a decade of experience from the Kontora Group, our track record in analysing, selecting, and monitoring private equity funds is outstanding.

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